"Construct the body you've
always wanted"

Simran Kaur

Karen is hard-working and a dedicated individual to help you strive to your best abilities.

Whether you have taken time out, are new to the world of fitness or wish to continue your journey with their help. Karen will do everything in her power to help you. She not only advise, guide and train- she will also listen to you and understand that the world we live in can have an impact on us as individuals.

If it wasn’t for TG, I definitely would not be on the road of improvement. She goes the extra mile to ensure you are doing well. I feel treated as if as family, and that to me is golden. I went from not being able to walk into the gym and after training with Karen, my confidence has built up over time and slowly I feel myself improving mentally and physically with her honest and motivating help.

In the beginning, I felt as if it was too late for me to regain my strength after numerous surgeries due to health issues. Karen created a meal plan that would help me and benefit me, making it less of a chance of my health flaring up. Not only that, she came up with a training schedule that is personal to me.

I’m very proud to say that I am incredibly happy to be a part of the team and thank you for being patient with me….

And remember, if you are reading – it is never too late to start/continue your new journey or for improving yourself.

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Transformation Genie By Karen Spencer


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